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"I want to thank God for positioning me in His plan and giving me the material needed to do my life's work. From His words in the King James Version of the Bible, to the photos I've taken of His canvas above my head a.k.a. the sky, and all of His subtle hints of encouragement. I am forever humbled and grateful. Thank you also to: My mom, Barbara J. Jackson, my family for their roles as husband, daughters, and son. I love you for showing me that the family unit at times is..."what it's cracked up to be". Lastly, a special thank you to Marlene, who suggested that I copyright the poem."

~Angela Conley

My Story

Born Angela L. Washington to Barbara J. Mack and Raymond C. Washington, of Washington, DC.  A student of Draper and Simon Elementary School, and a graduate of Hart Jr. High, Ballou Sr. High School and Washington Technical School of Washington, D.C. I lived in Condon Terrace, one of the roughest neighborhoods in Southeast D.C. In 1985, I was injured on the job, which resulted in my right leg being amputated above the knee after a medical procedure was not administered properly. I spent 30 years in D.C., until I moved to Fort Washington, Maryland in 1993 because I was unable find affordable, accessible housing in the District of Columbia. I am married with three children, and the CEO of Alegna Enterprises.

Let's Connect

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to share my journey! 

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